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Book of the Year 2019

Best Book = Best Idea

Following my tradition over the past few years, I'm announcing my Book of the Year from the 40-55 books I've read during the year. 

In simple terms, it's the best book because it has the best idea - an insight that changed the way I see the world. And it's more than likely it will change your world view too. 

Our Second Event

In our second ever Book Club meeting I'll countdown my Top Ten books for 2019 and then we'll take the big idea from our Book of the Year and help you apply it to your business.

This will be an action event. I’ll share the core principles and ask the key questions. In return, you can take notes and identify how to apply this to your situation so you can grow your business.

Book Club

Geoff McDonald’s Book Club helps you learn from some of the best brains on the planet in a neat 60-minute discussion of a crucial business issue.

Book Club events are free to join live. Recordings are available to The Create Club members only.

This is a 100% educational session - there will be no sales pitch.

The Details

Date: Thursday 12 December

Time: 12 noon to 1pm (Melbourne time AEDT)

Free to attend live

Recordings for The Create Club members only

Virtual Seminar: attend from anywhere

The Book will be revealed on the day

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