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Big Idea

How to Create Your Big Idea

Originally presented to Professional Speakers Association (PSA) New Zealand in May 2020. While pitched to speakers, the same four elements are crucial for any expert business - trainer, coach, mentor, consultant...

Why do you need a big idea? We set the scene, plus share the results of a survey that captures the need for you to create a big idea right now more than ever. 



What is the best way for you to deliver value to your clients? We take a quick look at business models and share the most important business model of our time. 



What is the unique way that you see the world? We flip the usual story about finding a market niche and share four ways for you to create and own your own niche. 



What are your rules for winning? We all have them. They're the secret to your business model and the key to have your clients come back again and again. 



What are you providing to the world - right now? What you had offered - even at the start of 2020 - may not be relevant anymore. We share the two sides of your offer and wrap up this video course. 
Big headlines capture attention